Flood Vehicles !!…..Beware

With the hurricanes and flooding that has hit in the south in recent times there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles that come with moderate to serious flood damage.

orlando car depo buyer beware of flooded cars

Some of these vehicles that have not been entirely submerged will definitely be cleaned up, freshner sprayed into carpetings as well as vents and delivered North, East and West.

The people who deal in these types of vehicles acquire them dirt cheap and do some clean up and after that ship them out to the trusting masses. These kinds of vehicles will certainly appear normal, nevertheless soon after getting one of them you will most likely develop critical issues before long.

These vehicles are going to have mold that started that you will not be able to discover for a long time and the odor will be covered up with some powerful sprays that will disguise the situation for several weeks/months. Then one warm day after being closed up in the sun you will open the door to a musty odor that will start to become worse each day until after a while it will be unbearable.

The smell might be the very least of your concerns for after a vehicle is submerged in water for any length of time the water as well as grit is in the motor, transmission, differential all the wheel bearings and working parts. Therefore after driving the vehicle a few hundred miles you will likely begin to develop serious malfunctions to these components.

Additionally the water will go into the electrical system of the vehicle and bring about shorts in the electrical wiring that might result in fires or significant harm to the computer system of the vehicle that will definitely result in very high repair bills.

In order to avoid investing in any of these kinds of vehicles you will need to complete a total assessment of the vehicle to check it out for any tell-tell indicators of water damage. If you can not do this yourself choose a very good mechanic to check it for you, or utilize a vehicle inspection service and Carfax to determine if it has been in a flood or any type of accident or had significant repairs.

Inspect the title for prior owners and if it trails back to recent sales in the Hurricane/flood states pass up the sale, even it appears to be a good deal as you can have some very high repair bills later or even worse, not even be able to salvage the vehicle.

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